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Hey, I am a software developer in Vienna, Europe. Currently I work at a startup but I struggle with being part of VC-funded ecosystem that doesn't create real value for our society.


#introduction Hi all! I'm was a software developer (mostly Django) until Bernie, when I quit my job to volunteer full time. Since then I've been volunteering for the political revolution.

I am a co-founder of The Incorruptibles (; our mission is to fill all levels of government with politicians who stand up for the vulnerable, represent people instead of corporations, and fight for racial, economic, environmental & social justice.

I live in Portland, Oregon, work for a nonprofit, and am here to participate in a cooperative. I am @sbeebe on many channels. #introduction

Hello all! Happy to be joining Mastodon, have previousy been resident on a GNU Social instance but.. well-integrated design makes all the difference. I do Data Science, #DIYbio, multi-language #freelibre development, and even some offline activities. Hoping to find a niche of #ireland peeps, social-tech nerds, and generally nice people hereabouts. :)
#introduction #platformcoop #socialcoop

Anyway, une petite :
je suis un artiste illustrateur amateur de jeux de mots, d'humour noir et de licornes - en gros

Et je parle anglais et japonais si quelqu'un en a quelque chose à faire...

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In the spirit of Proust, with some revisions by Pivot:

1. Your favourite word
2. The word you despise the most
3. Your favourite swearword
4. What do you find attractive
5. What makes you angry
6. What do you like most in your friends
7. Which country would you like to explore or inhabit
8. Your favourite colour
9. The flower or animal you love
10. Your motto

Your answers?

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Dans l'esprit de Proust, avec quelques ajustements par Pivot:

1. Votre mot préféré
2. Le mot que vous détestez
3. Votre juron, gros mot ou blasphème favori
4. Ce qui vous attire
5. Ce qui vous rend malade
6. Ce que vous appréciez le plus chez vos ami-es
7. Le pays que vous voudriez explorer ou habiter
8. La couleur que vous préférez
9. La fleur ou l’animal que vous aimez
10. Votre devise

Vos réponses?

Hi, I'm just joined (having been over on for a few months), and intend this to be my main Mastodon instance. I'm keen on the #indieweb movement and co-operative principles (my first job leaving school was working for a co-op!). When I saw that like-minded people were already over here I decided to take the plunge myself, so here I am :) #introduction:

If you're new here, #welcome!
Don't be afraid to share an #introduction about yourself!
Ask questions if you #needhelp, here someone can always see you when you post publicly.
Search for hashtags to find people with similar interests, or branch out.

Also have a 🍍 and keep 🎺!

@torgo #Welcome o/
I am the Project Manager here at Mastodon.
There's info available a bit of everywhere. And asking questions randomly (like you just did) will yield answers. Never be afraid to ask.
And you can write an #Introduction to help make it easier for people to find you. :)

#introduction: I am a researcher for an #environmental #nonprofit in #NYC. I'm interested in #climatechange, #degrowth, #feminism, #rabbits, and #sustainability. I haven't even used #twitter before in my life, so I'm super new to #microblogging.

Hi everyone, I just joined as a paying member. I'm the founder and Executive Director of, a solutions journalism nonprofit that reports on innovations that spread wealth, build civic culture, and help people share resources. Shareable helped catalyze the #platformcoop trend with our coverage. Thank you to everyone that set up I look forward to sharing and learning with you. #introduction #socialcoop

Just found out about via Michel Bauwens in the FB P2P group. This is excellent, it is excatly how we wrestle control back over our (online) lives. Excited to join and support! About myself: I'm a geek and entrepreneur, building #UBOS (, a Linux distro optimized for self-hosting and what I call "#Indie IoT" devices (instead of "overlord IoT" which is what everybody is selling). Also involved in #IndieWeb. Looking forward to collaborate!! #introduction

Anyone have good persona-like game recommendations? #introduction

By way of a more formal :
hello, I'm Unwary, a north american (Minnesotan) Comp-Sci student who likes to make things in blender, godot engine and ASEprite, write fiction, and play capoeira.

Hi Im SilverNight, 24, white, Queer, furry, have a learning disability and speech apraxia. I have a growing interest in Anarchism. Particularly An-Com and Egoism. I hope will meet some cool comrades here. Also I have interest in programming, video games and drawing.

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