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I know I have a Mastodon login on at least one other instance, but for the life of me, I can't remember which one it was. So I thought this would be a good place to start a new one, since I have an SDF login (which I haven't used in many places I don't log in to anymore) #earlyadopter #earlyabandoner #introduction

#introduction I am a post-doctoral theoretical computer scientist currently in Bremen, Germany and originally from Czech Republic. My work focuses on approximation and online algorithms as well as combinatorial optimization. I'm a #vegetarian and non-drinker. I'm also new in town, so if you are near #bremen on #niedersachsen, I'll be happy to follow you!

So I'm goin' to re-do my #introduction #introductions I dunno if there's an S or not.

So Hi! I'm Aloïs, a 29 yeared-old retro g@m3r. I'm unemployed but I have a trilingual assistant administrative degree. (Do long studies, they said. Y'know :grr:)
I am also a hobbyist digital artist and an electronic music composer/producer.

Also, I'm a trans gay guy in concubinage with my long time boyfriend.

Don't be afraid to come to me, I don't bite :gooddoggo:​

#introduction This is my first toot. I am a Data Reporting Specialist for a large urban school district in the US. My work-related research is in testing and program evaluation, and I aspire to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Geographic Information Sciences. I'm curious about issues of technology, race, and socioeconomic equity in public education. Outside of work, I am interested in #archeology, and I am an avid #gamer.

Hello Kitty town!

🌸 I am Citlali, she or they pronouns are cool
🌸 :heart_ace: :heart_agender: :heart_pan: :heart_pride:
🌸 I have 3 doggies: Chocolate, Lafayette, and Luna
🌸 I toot mostly about the books I'm reading, frustrations as a writer, food, gluten free/ chronic illness lifestyle, general personal stuff, intersectional feminism, knitting, hydroponic gardening, and gushing over my beloved, Riley

Nice to meet you! Lets be friends :blobowo:
#introduction #introtoot


Hello! Its a pleasure to be on this instance. I am currently in SoCal near LA.

I mostly just post random ideas that come to me or pictures of events that occur in the area. I also post little collage pieces from anything I am currently reading.

I hope that the platform can allow new connections and a community that encourages discussion of topics like poverty, exploitation, violence, government critiques, and anything else we are open to.


With all the introductions going on I realised I forgot to do one myself so here it is.

I’m an #privacy, #opensource, #opendata and #openstandards advocate. I’m holding a grudge against Big Tech, big IP holders and authoritharian governments. Furthermore I’m a #3Ddesigner, #3Dprinter, #webdesigner and overall #DIY guy.

But most of all I’m a free man.


GNU+Linux sysadmin of many years. Dedicated Gentoo user. Ask me about my USE flags!

Daily IRC user for ~15 years.

Amateur keto chef.

Born and raised in the city, but a country boy at heart.

Dog-dad to two rescued mutts who changed my life.

Technological redneck, in the sense of "why yes I rewrote that in bash, why?"

I never did very well with rules.

Live free (as in software) or die.

It’s been a week or so, guess I’ll do an #introduction

I am a dad, solo sysadmin/it manager, and part time infosec specialist (if you guessed how, you’d probably be right). Big fan of linux/unix for the past 12 years or so, but have been tinkering with computers, trying to break things, and lurking the interwebs since the early 90s.

Over the last couple years I’ve become a more outspoken privacy advocate, have done a few trainings, written a few things.
Really enjoying this community.

We are the Transnational Institute. An international research organisation founded in 1974. We work with activists, scholars and policy makers. We mainly work on topics like corporate power, agrarian and environmental justice, international drug law, alternative approaches to essential public services, trade and investment, and war and pacification studies.

More information about us at

We used to be on before it went down.

#introduction #introductions

Hi all out there. I'm a software dev from Basel, Switzerland (Java, currently jumping into Kotlin) and long term linux user, enjoying to use FOSS and occasionally provide some tiny contributions here and there. With the current hype about G+ shutting down, I'm one more of those that heard of Fosstodon and got carried over here. I'm curious and looking forward to gathering some first hand experience with you all on Mastodon/Fosstodon.

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Après son instance #PeerTube, la Délégation Académique au Numérique de Lyon rejoint #Mastodon !

Nous ferons à la fois du cross-posting depuis Twitter ( 😶 ) mais il y aura des personnes derrière ce compte, rassurez-vous !

On parle Numérique, Éducation aux Médias, Formation, Expérimentation...

#Educ #EducNum

Hi, I'm Lucy :3
I'm a trans queer dyke and a socialist/anarchist (of some leaning, not entirely sure yet), and I guess I'm just slightly sick of Twitter's shit and wanted to try out this cool space, I guess???

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Perhaps I need to do another #introduction here, since it has been some time since I did it last. My regular forays here include composing #smallpoems, writing #smallstories, sharing #smallquotes and other connected sharing threads. If you write there, I'll try to respond. I may even remix as a way to honor your writing. I try to keep my heart and mind open.

Hello everyone!

I am a philosophy grad student from Bengaluru (India). My research work is situated in philosophy of science and is about the nature of scientific objects - specifically about the objects in physics.

I am also interested in the relevance of philosophy for society and involve actively in several projects/activities through which philosophy is taken outside academics.


Hello the community o/
I'm Florian. I'm originally from Nantes (France), and I'm now based in #warsaw .
I'm a SRE during the day, and #fp learner during the night. I'm interested in #Haskell (and all that goes around, like category theory), reading books, food, traveling, and #foosball (not football/soccer, foosball*!). I just changed my pseudo for F(log), which is my username 4 chars, but also quite nice as a function.