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Belated #introduction

Hi, I'm a professor in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. My research is in AR/VR (XR), and mostly focuses on experiences, social, HCI and tools. I have work on web-based AR for years, which is how I find myself on an extended leave at Mozilla, working as a Principal Research Scientist on WebXR, all-things-AR and projects like hubs and Firefox Reality.

I mostly use @blair (because, why be in the fediverse if you don't have your own node?)

Hi there! I'm a old-school developer working for a Dutch national archive. My interests are computers, history and chess and the combinations of these. #introduction

Howdy! 👋 #introduction / #introductions
I'm Dave, I'm a Designer & Front-end Developer from Bristol in the U.K.
I design and build apps, create themes, experiment with code and make silly but fun things from time to time

#introduction Hello! I'm a UX Writer from Sri Lanka living in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

I'm planning to do pursue studies in Computer Science field.

Happy to be here :)

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Hello all. I teach 6-16 year olds in the subjects math, science, music, choir, movie making and outdoor activities. Every morning the 200 pupils and the adults meet and sing three songs from our school song book. I often accompany the lovely singing by playing piano.
Greetings from Denmark.

Hello! I'm an undergrad senior studying secondary education and biology in the US. Interested in FOSS, gaming, the outdoors, talking to people and paying bills. Hoping to be a bit of a better student/educator myself by joining here, while giving traditional social media platforms the finger.

Ok so I'm not fully clear but here's an #introduction:

I am a 29 year old cis woman. I am midway through a masters degree in #philosophy. I have diagnosed #adhd, #bpd and #anxiety.

My sexuality is #bisexual but I am also somewhat #asexual. I am currently single, not looking but not closed off completely.

I have a #cat called Cali and I live in #England, not too far out from #London.

I enjoy a variety of things #music, #gaming, #films, #books, #space, #walking, #autumn + lots more :owi:

I'm a desert-dwelling grad student currently finishing up a dissertation on the history of anarchism and free love in the US c. 1880-1920.

My interests include feminism, hiking, weird antiques, making things, cooking things, and telling you how adorable my dog is.

Let's be friends! #introduction


Bonjour ! Moi c'est Hugo, enchanté :3

Je suis fort motivé par la liberteyyy qu'offre cet espace ! Étant un homme trans, et sous T depuis à peine 2 semaines, je vais pouvoir poster beaucoup de selfies prétentieux pour combattre la dysphorie et montrer mon évolution, et puis, surtout... je vais shitposter.

À part ça dans la vie je fais un doctorat en informatique, je galère à cause de troubles bipolaires et anxieux, et je suis Poufsouffle dans mon coeur.

Hâte de vous rencontrer !

@andy nice to meet you 👋 have you met @staticsafe or @enkiv2 or @Are0h yet? Also, I like to peruse #introductions and #introduction for finding further federated friendships :)

:heart_pan: ✨ 😈 hi there! 🍄 :magicfrog: 🎉
#introduction / #reintroduction

my name is meg/gem/doog!! 💎 i'm a chaotic good human(?) bard living deep within the pocono forests. i spend most of my time doing yoga in inappropriate places, serenading my family of plants, and playing lots of video games 🌱😻 🌈

i'm undergoing a very ✨transformative n healing✨ meg-amorphosis currently. lots of quiet growth... expect an influx of art, self-love, and magickal foolishness!!!

[pic cw: eye contact selfie]

Hi All! Here is my #introduction:

I am Wolfgang Viechtbauer, a statistician and assoc prof at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. My research is focused on the statistical methods for meta-analysis and more generally mixed-effects models and computational statistics. I am into #rstats, #linux, #foss in general, and lolcats.

"Our fire fantastic lures this night
a curious company
that gives such fright!"
announces thon to all.

#luminute #introduction

Hello! I work in #bioinformatics, with a focus on pathways, e.g., the citric acid cycle or the MAPK/ERK #pathway. I'm interested in #NLP, #OCR and #InformationRetrieval.


Hallo, there! This is my #introduction:

I'm a #historian interested in 18th-century British and American history, with a sharp focus on #Jacobite studies and the social and cultural identity of plebeian Scots during the Jacobite era.

Other historical interests include #vastearlyamerica; antebellum and Civil War America; and all aspects of World War II.

I'm also the creator and curator of the Jacobite Database of 1745 and am an avid proponent of #digitalhumanities.


I work as a software developer, primarily with Python and Javascript.

Politically I tend to be libertarian/voluntaryist, but I’m strongly influenced by the work of Alfred Korzybski, who popularized the phrase “The map is not the territory”. I see my beliefs as maps, which are inaccurate and incomplete. Therefore I try to be open and listen to and learn from people with different ideas. My beliefs have certainly changed over the years and I expect will continue to do so.

I have a political view that some describe as radical left, or left extremist even.

I don't. I opose authoritarian centralized forms of organisation and see myself in tryn to be some sort of anarchist.

What ever your political positions are, even if you're not aware of them, I'm open to engage with you as long you'll listen to me as I try to listen to you.

You don't want a polarized society acting towards civil war?

Try to act towards mutual understanding.

I will, will you?