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i got SO WET on the #bike ride for work today.

no, i mean, it was raining! i got my bike out and it was not raining. then i hopped on and it was sprinkling. then it came down not hard but reaaaaaaly steady. my hoodie weighs a ton.

that's life in the #pnw fools!

Sick! Thanks a lot, fam! 😃
Your #bike setup sounds awesome. I live in a pretty flat town at the moment so ive been able to get away with some pretty hilarious ratios; when i first started riding i had a Fuji conversion that a friend and i built with 52/15. My legs hurt just reminiscing about it 😂
One of mechanics at the shop i frequent (mostly for chat not repairs, although they did give me some tips on dealing with mechanical disk brakes) commutes on an electric assisted recumbent.

Amazing second hand find: vintage Midnight Sun #bike oil lamp! Unfortunately it was nasty inside. Wick guide tube looked damaged and also looked totally gunked up with nasty old oil. Nearly impossible to get to the oil reservoir except through the fill hole and it looked like something died in there. I would have easily taken it on for a project, but not for $60! Fucking capitalism.

Too many people in North America believe that winter biking is something other people can do...[but] all it takes is the right attitude and a bit of warm clothing...By choosing to ride through the snow, we remind ourselves and others of what we can achieve with our bodies if we choose to use them. We reconnect with our environment by refusing to hide from winter, and instead embrace all it has to offer.

been wanting to do compile a list of resources for #disabled people to get grants for a #bike but i don't know where to start. anyone got any clues?

Toyota to be the first automobile manufacturer to produce a car running #Linux

Now if only they built a #bike they wouldn't need to worry about operating systems.

i've owned for many years but now i'm finally getting around to putting polka dots on an actual #bike rather than just the css generated ones on the website

had a nice #bike ride in the rain. a welcome change from the heat and fire and smoke. as i was splashing in puddles, humming "singing in the rain," and enjoying the warm feel of wet wool, i couldn't help but think that come February or so, having been deprived of the sun for months, i'll be ready to kill myself due to the rain. ahhh, the pacific northwest..

people in North America are concerned about the safety of cycling, which is one of the reasons they give about why they stay in their gas guzzlers. it turns out that the health benefits outweigh the risks. additionally, cycling, walking, and driving are about on far in terms of deaths per trip. what's most interesting, though, is that those places with the most cycling infrastructure also strangely are the safest for all modes of travel. the safest thing is public transit, but it lacks the health benefits that come with walking or biking (which are about on par with regards to injuries). tl;dr ride your #bike and work on getting more infrastructure!

Sad to see #bike shares as gentrification symbol, but it's not about the bike. The communities they are installed in are completely ignored until the privileged move in. Then the city and corporate sponsors rush to do what they can. Ford is only in it to make the privileged "suffer" on bikes so they can sell them cars. Hard to do that to those without money.

there was a "party in the park" which $work had a booth at, so i brought it all there on a #bike and even managed not to kill, main, or injure myself or others, but just barely. includes a large canopy, folding table, and another bike.

i'm really hesitant to say anything about $work because i don't want to appear like an advertisement. however, i do love what i do, working for a small business that truly cares about the world and is doing something about it one #bike at a time. that said, if that sounds like something you'd be into, we're hiring a mechanic. btw.
#job #helpwanted

sad that it takes capitalist arguments to convince people to support cycling. the #bike is a tool of liberation, not slavery!