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@skk How is mammouth.cafe hosted? Are you using a Masto-hosting service, or do you run it on your own server?

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toot.cat has been moved to its new home, and SSL should be fixed sometime in the next 24 hours. I'm getting experienced help with it because the cert setup isn't standard and I don't know nginx very well.

Just so everyone knows -- toot.cat's SSL cert expired this morning, making it difficult to connect to at all (the only activity I've seen there since then has been me (@woozle) and @Harena, whose Pale Moon I jimmied to allow her back in) and probably breaking federation as well.

Inquiries have been made. Will escalate further if no news by this evening (EST).

@dredmorbius Just responding to the first sentence of the quote -- plus.google.com/10409265600415

I'd say that stupidity causes harm *primarily* when it is being used as a tool by malice.

I can elaborate if needed.

@dredmorbius Can you recommend one of those for me to read first, in order to get the best overview?

@dredmorbius plus.google.com/10409265600415 -- sources? Credibility assessment? (The inflection points are all "model", not "actual data"...)

Oh hey, it's back.

Wonder what happened.

Soooooooo.......Trump fans were totally triggered by NPR tweeting the Declaration of Independence. I is *DIED* 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

I've lost track of who posted this link earlier (it was on Mastodon), but after reading most of it I'm thinking that @dredmorbius would probably find it to be of interest.

Much of it is about the corruption of epistemic systems.

Sociology is hard.


In which someone is discombobbled by the fact lesbians can get pregnant.

Worse, I could see this resulting in another battle with the funding authorities over whether he fits into whatever new bullshit classification scheme they come up with to try and squeeze people out from getting care.

I'm not up for that either. The previous one nearly killed me. We don't have the resources to fire lawyers at it, either.

This makes it sound like Josh might actually lose funding for his group home, and get kicked out.

This is literally too depressing for me to think about. If some other relative couldn't take him in (and I can't think they could possibly deal with him for long), we sure as hell can't; he'd have to be out on the streets, and probably end up shot or in jail.

Or I'd have to leave.


(Welcome to the latest edition of , with your esteemed host @dredmorbius . We'll be taking your questions throughout the show and mangling them beyond all hope; you're welcome, no extra charge. :D )


@woozle I do approve of hugs! :D Also from kitties, toothless or not ;)