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5 things not in my profile?

(obscure is good)
(doing my own)
(naturalist at heart)
(my exit plan)
(long-form especially)

Only 5? Ha!

(broad area)
(dark ecology stuff lately)
(my opium)
(would like to attain it)
(in everything)

Free-thinker, non-conformist, wary, pagan axe-wielder... Believes in the barter system. Increasingly disinclined to digital.

Just a note to people who follow me here and know this is a terminal instance...

I also have an account on mastodon.social by the same nick, @wion . I consider it my backup account when my primary digs (like here) is offline. I’s recommend following me there too?

But I will to the data export/import dance so that when I find my new hermit hole, it will help you find me there. Oh, I’ve decided it won’t be another “wion” account however. Look for something more baronesque. :)

The Baron's home disappears in a month. Already, the Baron's outline seems fuzzy, as if the Baron was knit into existence, but what cruel yarnsmith would bind such a spirit to this world?

Link hands, sisters and shadows, and perhaps we can hum a new home into being as thanks for the sign-posting services already rendered.


Tried posting this yesterday but our internet was having issues -.- Here's a seasonally appropriate colouring page! :D

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #AdultColoring #TheGourdeningIsAtHand mastodon.social/media/Eok0fT0G

So, it’s been kindly announced that mammouth.cafe will go offline next month.

I will stop posting here now and seek a new home.

All past toots may be lost, but maybe that’s not a bad thing.

Big thanks to @skk for making the instance available while possible, and for doing it gratuitously.


This looks useful, to say the least...

Screenotate, for Mac & Windows, a screenshot+OCR+context app. When a screenshot is taken, the app recognizes the text inside, and the originating URL, then saves it all as a self-contained HTML file for later search.


In other words, it’s magic.

"Many tribes did not survive the invasion of Europeans."


Happy post Thanksgiving!

I have nothing to be thankful for, whichever bloodline I take into account.

I love iA Writer...


I wish I could just write in Writer and post right into , but what's life without the necessity for a little copy/paste jig.

Speaking of xmas, Strasbourg has begin it's (in)famous xmas market, and they have pulled out all the stops this year.

Gluehwein (hot spiced wine), btw, smells and tastes like vomit. Which is disappointing, TBH, because walking around town getting soused on wine is one of those few reasonable pleasures in life. Too bad they make it so suffering.

Then again, you can always bring your own flask of fun.

Extending this one in the form of a... I don't know, nursery rhyme?

Popularity contests and bitter.
Jack needs the money.
Trolls think it's funny.
Egos want a big-hitter.

Popularity contests and bitter.
Jack needs the money.
Trolls think it's funny.

Have you noticed getting more aggressive with pop-over encouragements to sign up for a paid account? Yeah, me too.

I just came from my account, and, gawd, what a kaleidoscope of UI confusion, not to mention the promoted @ads that seem to be doubling in density.

ads are now 1 per every 8th tweet; more than it was when they introduced ads originally. They're ramping it up, clearly. Next phase will be even more ads and a paid subscription offer to nix them.

From :

"We are offering special 2-year plans which provide a discount of 33% compared to the regular monthly pricing. If you subscribe to both ProtonMail and ProtonVPN, the discount increases to 45%."

My puzzlement is that I already use their mail for free, and I have their VPN (not tried yet). So what's all this talk about subscriptions? I hope this isn't another blind-side enforcement to upgrade. I just got done updating all my accounts with PM addresses.

Maybe its biz accounts?

Tom Cruise.
Scientology booze.
Bought a piece of the moon.
What a loon.

Er... to a comicon event, so that we can enter a costume content. All 3 of us, that is.

One thing I've always wanted to do is get my hands on some old leather clothes and build onto them with other items — heavy leather scraps, grommets, buckles, spikes, hoses... whatever) to create something worth wearing to the supermarket.

Speaking of cosplay costumes, my kids and I love the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, for all kinds of different reasons (funny, great characters, camaraderie, excellent music... and *costumes*).

And we all agree that we should be wearing such clothes in real society. (The crap we consider normal and *have* to wear is pretty damn boring.) I don't mean the clown expressionism of fashionista haute couture (gag). But real rough and tumble space pirate ropes, man. You could live in the bush!


Oh, this looks fun, a clerihew.


We gotta get that going on, guys and gals. That's the kind of thing Mastodon is for!

Hmm... Let's take and easy stab.

Donald Trump.
World's biggest chump.
He keeps on talking,
but is, if we're lucky, a dead man walking.


Of course they don't have to be that, you know, poignant.

Come on, people! Don't disappoint me.

Hey, it's Friday, and we all know what that means. It's time to fold our fleshy stigmas and stamens back into their protective cuticle flaps and follow @signalstation into the black hole of unrelenting restlessness.

My Shawnee bloodline is distant and meandering, but was evident in my paternal grandmother, a descendant of a girl named Willow Morningstar, who was taken in by settlers when they found her alone near adult native people, all shot dead. She eventually married a white man named Silvers; thus the family line to my grandmother. Her gravestone, now a weathered and unreadable white rock, pales in comparison to the polished memorial of Annie Oakley, who is buried in the same cemetery.