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Tom Abba

I'm highlighting this here. Not because I have a huge reach with this site, but 500 characters is a larger space to describe in. The Good Journal is a the follow-up to the staggeringly important The Good Immigrant. They're 65% funded and have 11 days to go. If you can spread the word, in any way, please do.

(short version - the world is rather shit right now, let's do something to make it better)

it turns out that the brother in law of someone who works at Watershed is working on this. Small scale for now, but it's being developed as an acceptance that the Netherlands have to have a post-oceans rising plan. Especially the Netherlands.

Conversations at the coffee station in the Pervasive Media Studio. Today: floating farms in the Netherlands.

"Beladon’s €2.5m project (£2m) envisages 40 cows on a 1,200 square metre floating platform, producing 1,000 litres of milk a day to be pasteurised and processed into yogurt in a dairy on the floor below."