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Question to on machines... (if you really exist)

What word craft apps do you suggest for new linux system converts if they’re seasoned users and proselytizers of such glorious software as iA Writer, Ulysses, Scrivner... ?

I’m fearing software of that caliber doesn’t exist for linux and I’ll need to keep a Mac handy despite wanting to get a Librem. 😕

What’s the best linux software out there for writing?

Trade has to be regularly renegotiated and all parties involved are going to try to make sure they get the best out of it. Often at the expense of everyone else.

Taking just a blunt position of 'more trade is good' or 'more trade is bad' does nothing to help the situation. And believing that one extreme will lead to some utopia is disastrous.

I'm beginning to think some people have never encountered the term, 'race to the bottom' as it relates to economics.

Good trade tries to make a compromise to the benefit of parties. Free Trade Agreements make sense between nations of roughly equal economic development perhaps with complimentary industries.

FTAs with undeveloped nations lead to decreased wages at home, often more pollution, abuse of workers abroad, and more political/economic power accumulating in questionable hands.

I really enjoy watching 5 minute YouTube videos…

…with 7 minute-long ads at the beginning.

WTF makes them think this is a good idea. They do want us to turn off Ad-Block, right? I want creators to get ad revenue, but this is so intolerable.

Old Apple computers are gorgeous, but I'm currently trying to get OUT of the cult of Apple…

Those mid-2000s Mac, though. Damn.

I'm developing an infatuation with old computers, but I have no idea what I'd do with one.

If I got a retro computer, I could probably write with it and not much else. Unless, I completely gutted it and put in new components, that is.

I've already got a good bit of Christmas shopping done online. Trying to get ahead of the 'shopping season' so I can just keep it chill in December and actually enjoy the holiday at a sane pace.

It's been cold the past few mornings here in Central Virginia, and I love it.

Summer is the worst. Good riddance.

If you think your product will sell so poorly that you have to get people trapped in perpetual subscriptions to make money, then go back to step one and start over.

I don't want to be on the cloud.
I don't LIKE the cloud.
Stop attaching leeches on me.
Just sell me THE THING.

Wait, Photoshop is ONLY subscription-based now? W-why?!

*flips table over*

Not sure if the last couple of toots were CW-worthy. I still don't really understand the finer boundary there. Politics, nsfw are obvious but some people seem to CW virtually everything and I'm not of that proclivity.

LRT: That comic isn't quite sufficient, but it's a good start.

It isn't just 'negative socially constructed attitudes', it is actual LAWS. It is that society DEMANDS that men do the majority of the work and not complain when they have to deal with mountains of stress and abuse.

Saying that, 'men just need to be able to express their feelings,' is like saying someone who's been shot in the head has a 'bit of a owie'.

In case there was any misunderstanding regarding what Toxic Masculinity means.

It does not mean that all masculinity is toxic, it is a term from Social Sciences, describing negative socially constructed attitudes towards male gender roles.

This comic sums it up fairly well

It's difficult to find some of Karel Čapek's work in decent English translation. Read his Apocryphal Stories and was looking for the novel Krakatit, but can only find German and Czech language copies.

I suppose I could find the text online, but I hate reading from a screen.

The old joke is that 'Karmann' is German for 'rust'.

A recent Regular Cars Review has rekindled my love for the VW Karmann Ghia. The trouble is that most of them near where I live are rusted to pieces.

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