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@dredmorbius @woozle A server hiccup, of course when I was abroad for work... I'll get in touch with you Woozle, as soon as I've got some spare time (shouldn't be too long)

Sorry about that outage, systemctl went wonky when I was abroad...

@woozle It won't ;) (sorry, busy weeks)

@woozle @dredmorbius @woozle I won't be able to look into this before Christmas, but it's also a possibility

@woozle Certainly, and I would do my best to help. But, from my own personal experience, it would be best if more than one person took over, I'm just saying...

If interest in this is genuine, I'm willing to keep things going a little while more in their current state, until a transition can be organized.

@dredmorbius Thank you - I'm pretty all right, both professionally and personally, but I foresee that I will soon need to concentrate my ressources on other things than personal projects such as this one.

This may change in the future, but for now...

🇫🇷 Concernant la fermeture du Mammouth Café: le site reste encore un moment, mais je ne puis plus garantir son existence en 2018.

Si vous souhaitez exporter vos contacts, vous pouvez le faire dans les préférences.

Si vous souhaitez sauvegarder votre contenu, essayez github.com/kensanata/mastodon- (ht: @kensanata )

Si vous avez le savoir-faire et les moyens de reprendre la charge de ce site, contactez-moi.

🇬🇧 Regarding Mammouth Café's closure: it's not down yet, but I can't guarantee its upkeep in 2018 anymore.

If you wish to export your contact, you can do so in your preferences.

If you wish to backup your contents, try github.com/kensanata/mastodon- (ht: @kensanata)

If you have the know-how and means to take over from me, do get in touch.

🇬🇧 This is not an easy toot, so I'll be brief.

Due to a change in my personal circumstances, I will not be able to continue to manage the Mammouth Café for much longer.

- new registrations are no longer possible
- the site will remain active in any case until December 21, 2017
- after which, I will make a backup of his condition (just in case) and he will be taken offline

I regret this more than I can express.

🇫🇷 Ceci n'est pas un pouet facile, je serai donc bref.

Suite à un changement dans mes circonstances personnelles, je ne pourrai continuer la gestion du Mammouth Café très longtemps.

- les nouvelles inscriptions ne sont plus possibles
- le site restera actif en tous cas jusqu'au 21 décembre 2017
- après quoi, je ferai une sauvegarde de son état (juste au cas où) et il sera mis hors ligne

Je le regrette.

Au printemps prochain, venez partager vos soirées avec nous au Théâtre de la Cité de Fribourg (TCF). Et vous verrez pourquoi la Nuit de Walpurgis en 2018 ne ressemblera à aucune autre Nuit de Walpurgis.



Bientôt. Très bientôt. Dans 172 jours, par le fait.

À mardi, donc, pour la suite! dysque.ch/


"Discworld’s A’Tuin may be pop culture’s best known world turtle."


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1. littoral
2. action (vb, trans)
3. fuckbadger
4. strata
5. Brexit
6. good heart
7. Germany
8. turquoise
9. aurochs
10. onwards!

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Oh gosh, alright :-)

1. Favourite word: serendipity
2. Word I most despise: "hubby"
3. Favourite swearword: ALL THE FUCKING SWEARWORDS ooh yeah
4. What I find attractive: People who make me laugh
5. What makes you angry: Almost everything...
6. What I like most in my friends: Thoughtfulness
7. Country I'd like to explore or inhabit: Iceland
8. Favourite colour: Mint, but depends on context
9. Flower or animal I love: Roses
10. Motto: It seemed like a good idea at the time...