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~skk ❦ @skk

Bienvenue, welcome, benvenute e benvenuti, Willkommen @BabelFishWars @ndeadman @tomhpollock @stylo @tomabba @daniela @fragmad @massaggisocial @KlezmerGryphon @harkaway @BSmartt @jbond @umstiz @laurens @Jocelyn_Etienne : make yourself comforatbel and take a ☕ !

Also, if you wonder how to start, you could perhaps begin with a (in your own language, of course):

🇬🇧 mammouth.cafe/@skk/685744 & mammouth.cafe/@skk/685750

🇫🇷 mammouth.cafe/@skk/685735 & mammouth.cafe/@skk/685739

Have fun!

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