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🇬🇧 And if writing an intimidates you, you could always take part in our !

In the spirit of Proust, with some revisions by Pivot:

1. Your favourite word
2. The word you despise the most
3. Your favourite swearword
4. What do you find attractive
5. What makes you angry
6. What do you like most in your friends
7. Which country would you like to explore or inhabit
8. Your favourite colour
9. The flower or animal you love
10. Your motto

Your answers?

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1. maroon
2. can't
3. bastard
4. authenticity
5. too many things
6. integrity
7. Kenya
8. teal
9. squirrel
10. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well.


@tek ThanksTek! I've been here for a short while. Just responded to @skk 's nice intro suggestion today. ;-)