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🇬🇧 This is not an easy toot, so I'll be brief.

Due to a change in my personal circumstances, I will not be able to continue to manage the Mammouth Café for much longer.

- new registrations are no longer possible
- the site will remain active in any case until December 21, 2017
- after which, I will make a backup of his condition (just in case) and he will be taken offline

I regret this more than I can express.

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Thank you for this heads up. Is there a way to get toots, by chance?

If not, I think I might know of one means, a tool by @kensanata

@skk First: thanks for hosting this instance, it's been a great resource and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your doing this.

Second: don't beat yourself up. Situations change, and I've seen plenty of this on myself and others.

Third: I hope everything is OK with you, and if you have needs, please let us know. I'm not sure what I can do other than spread word, but I'll do that.


@dredmorbius Thank you - I'm pretty all right, both professionally and personally, but I foresee that I will soon need to concentrate my ressources on other things than personal projects such as this one.

This may change in the future, but for now...

@skk Would you consider handing the instance data/files and domain to another Mastodon user? (I am also @woozle )

I think I'd need some technical advice (from somewhere) if I were going to take it on, as I was never able to get Mastodon running, but I'd at least consider it.

@woozle @skk @woozle I would /really/ like to see a static archive created if possible.

Might be something the Internet Archive could handle as well.

@dredmorbius @skk @woozle

I'm not sure there's software for that... but as long as only public toots were included, it shouldn't be too difficult.That's certainly a project I could take on, as it wouldn't necessarily require learning Mastodon/Ruby/Rails.

I'd definitely need the database and media files, tho.

@dredmorbius @skk @woozle

If there's static HTML that's presentable, I could host it under mkats.iseeamess.com.

@woozle @dredmorbius @woozle I won't be able to look into this before Christmas, but it's also a possibility

@woozle Certainly, and I would do my best to help. But, from my own personal experience, it would be best if more than one person took over, I'm just saying...

If interest in this is genuine, I'm willing to keep things going a little while more in their current state, until a transition can be organized.

Would anyone be interested in helping me migrate and/or maintain an existing Masto instance that's otherwise going to be mothballed?

I'll probably need help with both, as I was never able to get Mastodon running even when I was actually following the instructions -- though maybe 2.0 is easier? -- and I'm not sure what maintenance tasks might be involved.

What I can definitely offer is (a) a server and (b) years of familiarity with LAMP. (Masto uses LNPR.)

(cc: @skk @dredmorbius )