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Nichola Deadman

My dreams are so elaborate that I feel like my brain basically writes Waiting for Godot every night. Why can I not access this creativity when I'm awake?

Urgh, urgh... drag self to desk to Plan A Novel. Urgh. Enjoy crippling self-doubt. Wish for a really huge piece of white paper for brain-storming. Urgh. Flip coin re. novel idea. Groan. Eat a biscuit. More crippling self-doubt. Urgh. Check all social media sites on earth. Check all the blogs I have ever read. Contemplate another shower. Obsessively refresh Twitter. Violently shove down hitherto ignored crippling self-doubt. Make a cup of tea.

So far Mastodon reminds me of the early 2000’s when there was some semblance of an attempt at intelligent conversation on the internet. I like it.

Oh gosh, alright :-)

1. Favourite word: serendipity
2. Word I most despise: "hubby"
3. Favourite swearword: ALL THE FUCKING SWEARWORDS ooh yeah
4. What I find attractive: People who make me laugh
5. What makes you angry: Almost everything...
6. What I like most in my friends: Thoughtfulness
7. Country I'd like to explore or inhabit: Iceland
8. Favourite colour: Mint, but depends on context
9. Flower or animal I love: Roses
10. Motto: It seemed like a good idea at the time...

I'm just following everyone because... because. Oh god this must be what the early days of twitter were like, before we all went on there to pay obeisance to celebrities.

Curious and cautiously optimistic about Mastodon, but really liking what I see so far. Also five hundred characters (look how I wrote that out! And wasted characters remarking on how I wrote that out!) Please look forward to great verbosity.