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New Report Finds Climate Change Caused By 7 Billion Key Individuals

Who's got keybase? Who wants keybase? I've just setup an account and I've been granted some invitations to share. :-)

"Sweet Dreams" Hurdy Gurdy Cover - Patty Gurdy (Live Session)
Patty Gurdy [video]

The silo model with its "too big to manage" user base. The solution here isn't to employ thousands of moderators and have them try to apply a one-size-fits-all policy to a vast number of users. The solution is to federate, but of course for advertising business reasons they could never do that without breaking the business model.

Nazis plus Confederates plus terrorists plus riots plus hardcore destroy-everyone-without-a-job capitalism plus automate-away-all-the-jobs techno-libertarianism plus zero-privacy-except-for-the-security-elite always-online cloud computing plus rising sea levels

minus housing minus savings minus healthcare minus bees minus trees minus coral reefs minus icecaps minus antibiotics minus herd immunity.

That seems to be our baseline near-midterm future right now.

Now, how will we get through it?

Hacked in Translation – from Subtitles to Complete Takeover

Check your video player for vulnerabilities and upgrade.

Swedish TV Accidentally Puts Subtitles From A Kid’s Show Over A Political Debate, And It’s Brilliant

How to Start an Industrial Revolution (in six easy steps)

...My view increasingly is that threading the industrialisation needle required a pretty specific set of bootstrapping steps, any one of which out-of-sequence could put the kibosh on the whole affair....

Applying the concept of decolonization to the modern landscape of technology infrastructure and networks has tremendous potential to strengthen our understanding of how power works, and ideally how to respond to its wrongdoings. At the same time, it also raises numerous questions.

For example:

What does it mean to think about digital technology as a tool to resist and fight against colonial inequality and erasure? How do the tensions between colonization, migration and diaspora emerge in how technology is developed and accessed? How can we envision decolonized technologies at the local, transnational and global level? What does it look like to challenge present colonial legacies and imagine decolonial futures?
"I keep fighting to warn the world of the dangerous trend in which the only information you can access is the kind that someone with money or power wants you to see."

-- Chelsea Manning

About the rise of "superstar firms" with significant market power, high profits and a low share of labor:

"A more subtle story, however, is that firms initially gain high market shares by legitimately competing on the merits of their innovations or superior efficiency. Once they have gained a commanding position, however, they use their market power to erect various barriers to entry to protect their position."


My one problem with the Sustainable Development Goals that drives me crazy

'The Sustainable Development Goals were never going to be perfect. They have flaws because they are trying to make progress from within the capitalist system we have. They sidestep fundamental causes of poverty like structural readjustments [and] the history of colonialism. They seek to bring the poor and ordinary up, but don’t dare to mention the elephant in the room: that the elite have too much.'

More and more, I'm starting to find the 500 character limit too restrictive. Even just an extra hundred characters would be perfect. I think the default on GNU social is 1,000. I wonder if it would be beneficial to think about upping the Mastodon limit to match.

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Arguably, this is partly due to individuals making poor choices. But wage stagnation means that, to live within our means, the average Canadian would see a decline in quality of life compared to their parents. Given that, as a country, we have more wealth than ever before, that's unreasonable and unfair. There's no reason quality of life should be degrading as the nation acquires more wealth, but that's late-stage capitalism for you.

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