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This is about me doing things in my working life. Show more

Jon Snow (no, not that one, the Channel 4 one) and Clive Stafford Smith (there's really only one Clive) talking about the death penalty, the drone war, and Gitmo at the Reprieve annual event last week. Reprieve's recent work in Malawi, which I hadn't heard about, has been completely stellar.

This is what the world looks like when you're an author doing live radio down the wire...

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Mrs H says we can't move to Luxembourg after Brexit. This leaves:

almost anywhere.

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look so apparently "ax" is the original pronunciation of "ask" in old/middle english so nothing matters and language is arbitrary

@ndeadman I was there today, freaking out completely. I can't imagine.

Wikipedia on the building I will only ever really think of as "the Post Office Tower"... which I now know has a racy spy name: Location 23. Seriously. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BT_Tower

@daniela "transistors: only a passing phase."

Last night, I dreamed of a tsunami. I was watching from a hill. There was a little town or maybe a hotel complex on the water's edge. The sea was calm, and then it wasn't.

@maloki have you done bread-baking? I get a disproportionate sense of achievement, and dough is pretty patient. It keeps my mood even.

1. littoral
2. action (vb, trans)
3. fuckbadger
4. strata
5. Brexit
6. good heart
7. Germany
8. turquoise
9. aurochs
10. onwards!

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