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Jon Snow (no, not that one, the Channel 4 one) and Clive Stafford Smith (there's really only one Clive) talking about the death penalty, the drone war, and Gitmo at the Reprieve annual event last week. Reprieve's recent work in Malawi, which I hadn't heard about, has been completely stellar.

This is what the world looks like when you're an author doing live radio down the wire...

Sitting in the railway station, got a ticket for my destination, mm-mmm...

Euston is giving me the Simon & Garfunkels. I was actually humming Sound of Silence, then my Green Breakfast Goo arrived.

Maaaaaan. There is nothing like a commuter station at nine thirty on a rainy October for bone-deep angst and futility. Society of the Spectacle, indeed.


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