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harkaway @harkaway

I'm newly arrived at mammouth.cafe, so I feel I owe an even though I did one on joining Mastodon the other day. I'm a writer - The Gone-Away World, Angelmaker, Tigerman and (shortly) Gnomon. I'm a husband and a dad, too, but I don't post much about my home life because I'm also (increasingly) a privacy nerd. I recently did a thing on BBC R4 about surveillance. I like wine, biathlon and Bach; Deco and Nouveau; Siena, Bern and Cefalù. I bake bread and do BarreCore. Hi.


Welcome to the vessel. @skk is a good skipper.

It's funny that at The Gone-Away World website there's nothing there. It's gone away. Nice one. ;)

@harkaway That was on Safari, anyway. I didn't bother with a full browser-suite check. I have Better (by ind.ie) installed on it too, so not sure that had anything to do with it. Doubtful, unless it was just a big ad. ;)

@wion no, I'm pretty sure they shut it down a longish while back. I don't think it aged well - lots of Flash etc... unlike the little animated doodad we had for Angelmaker, which is still awesome :) youtu.be/mxJn0Wp9nBc