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Dr. Edward Morbius ❌ @dredmorbius

@skk: I keep getting directed to the mammouth.cafe login screen.

Is this maintenance or a bug?

~3-4x in the past 24 hours or so -- pretty much any time I'm away-from-tab for an hour or more.


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@dredmorbius Hello: strange, seems to work on my side. No maintenance, we're on 1.4.7 stable.

Have you tried connecting with another browser altogether? If it works there, perhaps an issue with the cookies: try erasing any cookie from mammouth.cafe (and if available any open session) and reconnecting after that.

I'll have a look at the issue tracker over on github, maybe somebody else has had the same problem.

@skk I haven't seen this since mentioning it, except maybe once.

Additional item: I don't believe I actually had to log in, but initial requests went to the instance home page / login / registration screen.