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Daniela Orlando @daniela@mammouth.cafe

First thought this morning:

wish I had the same cat we had when I was young, only bigger

(We didn’t have any cats when I was young and I never wanted one. Still, I suppose nonexistent cats come in all sizes too.)

First thought this morning:

you don't need an archbishop for that, you just need a cellphone charger

(Had an eventful weekend involving a lot of physical exertion which for me means deep sleep with intense dreams, but this didn't feel dreamlike. I'm actually trying to keep dreams out of this.)

First thought this morning:

vat-grown and homeschooled and ready to go

(Possibly context-free too? Also: what)

First thought this morning:

we should have a cake factory

(Don't they call them bakeries anymore?)

I don't quite remember how I got to discover this headline but I'm ever so glad I did. (Would love to join the invasion of course.) bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

First thought this morning:

how exactly do these things take place

(How indeed? Was it supposed to be some kind of causation analysis? Still a bit baffled by this.)

My first coherent thought this morning:

check the valves

(Sound advice, I think? Please check your valves, especially if you haven’t checked them lately. It might make all the difference.)

So this is me saying hi. I find Twitter increasingly toxic and stressful, on the other hand I am working from home and so would rather not lose this kind of connection w/outside world even if being on the introverted side anyway. The respect-and-no-drama maxim made me nod in agreement (fun follows logically).

Also: coffee over tea; wine over beer but beer too; books over movies clearly but music over even books; sincerity over perfection; jogging in the woods but with headphones on, you know?

Tried to do that newcomers-seven-interests-tagged thing but it turned into a shopping list somewhere around item #4 so maybe not the right genre for me I guess.

My first coherent thought today when I woke up was:

we could all be running down a long grassy slope it would be the happiest sport ever

(A sweeping generalization, sure, and the last time I actually ran down a slope my foot slipped and I bruised my knee. Still, there is something exhilarating about it.)

So are we the Twitter expats now? Or is it more of a postcolonial situation? I need to get this right.