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Quelqu'un pourrait-il identifier ce que je fais de façon incorrecte? J'ai écrit un et une traditionnelle. Est-ce ma langue ou mes intérêts qui ont besoin d'être corrigés?

would someone please identify what I am doing incorrectly? I wrote a and a traditional . Is it my language, or my interests which need correcting?


1. favourite word: vicissitude
2. The word I most despise: tincture
3. favourite swearword: coprophagite
4. What do I find attractive: cleverness
5. What angers me: injustice, bullying, ostracism
6. What I like most in my friends: trustworthiness, helpfulness, dependability
7. country I'd like to explore or inhabit: New Zealand
8. favourite colour: red
9. The flower or animal I love: cat
10. Your motto: Living well is the best revenge.